Написать претензию

Пожалуйста, заполните данные полностью, в скоре после этого с Вами свяжется наш представитель для обсуждения вариантов рассмотрения.

К чему мы стремимся

Safe trading

All members of our association are trustful companies that can easily get in touch with a client in case of a dispute. We select participants carefully. The main thing for membership is not the absence of problems, but the ability to solve them.

Skillfulness of market participants

Many brokers' clients find themselves in problematic situations due to a lack of knowledge of their rights and obligations of a broker. All cases are open and accessible to the public, everyone can learn them and find the actual method of solving their own problems.

Information about violators

We constantly update information about companies that intentionally do harm to the customers, even if such companies were previously included in the list of members of the association - they will be permanently excluded! Reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose!

Open discussion

Everyone can participate in the consideration of customer complaints, provided that they adequately express their thoughts and the relevance of the provided information.

Почему мы?

Everyone can become an expert and take part in solving the problem!
A set of rules for association members aimed at increasing loyalty to customers.
Constant development and improvement of the composition of independent experts.
Creating a positive image for the trading sector, saving it from unreliable participants.
Contribution to the financial and legal literacy of ALL participants in financial markets.


  1. Independent experts
  2. Open Claims Discussion
  3. Free consultation
  4. Proven ABT Participants
  5. Actual information


  1. Audit of activities
  2. Participation in ratings
  3. Consumer terrorism protection
  4. Legalization of activities
  5. Reputation Improvement